Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunrise on Glory

As a sun rises, another will set. Memories always being replaced. Hearts will be loved and some will be broken. The time will come and go. You could be gone the next day, so why not make every moment count? Take the moment, it's yours. Life every moment as your last, because there is no day but today.
I speak of this because of what happened about four years ago. A man who never let anything stop him from finding his song of glory. This man was my uncle. He passed away those four years ago on a Saturday morning.
I woke up that morning thinking, ''What's gonna happen? Ride my bike? Go to the skatepark?'' Instead I hear my mom pouring out tears at the news of my uncle's passing. At the time, I didn't know what on Earth was going on. All I here is my step-brother cooming into my room and saying, "Kevin's dead."
In those two words, my world flipped upside down. The song turned dark and cold. Could he really be gone? Did his song really die? Did this man really need to be interuppted in the middle of his song to be pulled off stage?
Everyone needs a little time to wake up on the sunrise of glory. I certainly did when I found out that one of the people who I looked up to passed away.
So that is pretty much why as a sun rises on someone's glory, another's will set without warning. So life like it's your last. Because who knows, it could honestly be your last.

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