Sunday, May 8, 2011

Followers of the Light (Original Short Story by Cole Bothun)

In a small mountain town named Foo City, there are always unexplained glowing lights around the date of October 28th. During that time people will disappear for days on end. But they all end up found around this broken down gold dredge. None of the missing people ever have a clue on what went on the past few days. Their memory of the past week are completely wiped out.
The town was named after the World War II term "Foo Fighter" or a UFO. The lights seem to always originate around the township of Foo City.
Tabitha Martin was always the one for mysteries. She worked well under certain pressure that kept her on her toes. She's the cryptogram unscrambler for the Seattle Tribune, a highly-regarded newspaper. She got a call to go investigate an unusual light appearance about fifty-miles northeast of Seattle in a little town of Foo City. Who would have known it would be her last investigation?
Tabitha arrived in Foo City at half-past five in the afternoon. She drove up to the Penzance Inn where she would take up her last residence.
Immediately she started to interview the local townspeople, but all were too reserved to speak to her. The few who did speak out said most of their friends have disappeared because of the lights. They said every year, forty-one people end up missing. And, strangely, only forty are said to return.
This made Tabitha wonder. What happened to the forty-first person? The talkers said a number of thingsg have been reported. Like Disembodiment, stabbings, or just plain evaporated into thin air. The list kept going ever since the mid-1800s, when the town was founded. They say the first "Foo Victim, " as they say, was none other than the first official mayor of Cachenne Valley, Colonel Mark Donovan.
Tabitha stayed for a few nights, cataloging what people said about the disappearances and the lights. Soon she began to wonder, a cryptogram worker on an alien-hunt? Nothing seemed to add up any way she sliced it. So she decided to call back to headquarters. She explained her case to the receptionist who always seemed too preoccupied to do any work.
But tonight was different. The receptionist picked up her call right away instead of putting her on hold like she would usually do. And after Tabitha's story, the receptionist stated, "I'm sorry, Tabitha Martin hasn't shown up to work for a few weeks now."
"What? I was just in there a few days ago."
"I don't know what to say, miss. She hasn't been in the system for a while now."
Exhausted, she hung up. The weak light of the lamp in her hotel room gave off an ominous feel that made Tabitha freeze and tremble. She looked at the clock, it was one o'clock in the morning on the day of October 28th.
Off in the distance, in the valley, Tabitha notices an unusual glow. So she grabbed her camera that she used to record the townspeople and went out to see what was going on. She set her camera up so it fed directly into her custom website on her laptop.
Tabitha noticed when she got outside that no one was out on the streets like it was just the night before. She got on the trail that led to the old gold dredge that was put out of business long before it's time.
Once Tabitha got to the dredge, she sees some figures. The townspeople! But something was off about them. They were staring at her.
All were chanting softly in unison, "Tameyabe Acorionean."
They all formed a circle around her. She panned her camera around the circle and counted the people. Forty in all. A sudden fear shot into her. She was going to be the "Foo Victim!"
At that moment, a circle of light appeared around her.The chanting of the people grew louder and faster. Tabitha turned the camera towards the sky. An orb above her turned into a triangular pyramid floating a few hundred feet above her head.
"Oh, God, NO!" Tabitha shrieked.
She tried to break the circle, but the townspeople wouldn't let her. She dropped her camera at the foot of a child barely Four from the looks of the kid. The camera was dropped at an angle that captured the ship, Tabitha, and part of the circle of the townspeople.
In the middle of her loudest scream, she vanished into thin air along with the UFO and the lights. The camera saved everything onto Tabitha's computer and her website. Locked away, forever.
The townspeople say now that every October 28th, if you go on to Tabitha Martin's website, the camera turns on and captures the lights again, and again, and again. Left there as a remembrance of the girl who was taken by the sky.......
And never returned.

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