Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ten Years Later

Some people don't think that ten years could be a long time, but in reality, it is. That reality hit me like a bug hitting a windshield. Ten years ago I was in First grade, I was six going on seven. A lot of history in those ten years could quite possibly change a person completely. All that time just went by like that! What would I give to go back to that time? To go back to the place where I had the best of friends, one of the best schools I have been to, and recess. But there was something someone said to me when a mentioned that.
He said, "You could go back to then, but you would still have to grow up."
Those words created two sides to my original one-sided thought. Now, I'm not very good at debating- even though some say I'm good at it. So how am I supposed to decide what I really want.
There is the original first side. The side where I was still at that school. Where I had great friends. Where I was with her.
But then there is that other side that got seeded into my mind. The one where I am now. Where I had to regain some good friends. Where I had to adapt to new terrain and people. Where I had to wait eight years just to talk to her again. Now, that eight years was all my fault, but what's done is done.
The reason why I'm talking about the past ten years is because of an event that happened recently. The infamous and notorious Osama Bin Laden was shot by the U.S. Navy SEALS. Ten years we have been searching for this man who was hidden in caves and unknown compounds. He was finally found in a house surprisingly close to a Pakistani military base. He was basically hiding in plain sight. And now that we got him, what challenge is there left? We took out the head of the Taliban, now what do we do, sit and wait for some of his followers to rise to his rank? We went into Afghanistan to find this lunatic and capture him, dead or alive. And ten years later, he chose death than to be captured by American soldiers. Now I'm sitting here, thinking of those long ago days of happiness and joy. Dreaming that I'm back with the warmth of early summer in the air and laughing with all my friends. But now they are gone, and just memories.
So think now, is ten years a long time now? Reminisce of the past and think, is ten years a long time? Some of you probably won't change your mind on this topic.
But for those who did change your mind, remember this:
What happened, happened. Don't regret what happened. Live in the moment, it's yours. Take the day for your own and remember, there is no day but today.

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