Sunday, June 26, 2011

Don't Look Down

Memories are what help us remember things. It could be good memories or bad memories. Everyone has a little of both. Because no one has had the perfect life, we all have had our hearts broken once in a while. The memories that have the most effect are the bad memories. I say this because they make you look down. They make your face go sour, and your eyes dark. And once you look down, you fall.
Your falling because that bad memory scared you. It causes you to look down and give you that shock of fear that will ultimately cause you to plummet to your immediate death.
My advice has two different directions, the songwriter's direction and the writer's direction. Both similar in some ways, but at the same time completely different.
First, the songwriter's direction. You take that fear and use that energy to turn it into something creative. Use those feelings and make something of it, don't bottle it up. Bottling it up will only cause you to snap and eventually hurt the people you love. I use my fear and turn them into songs. I find a memory (whether good or bad) and find words that make sense musically and also get the message across. It's not hard to find something. Sketching, songwriting, or poem writing are all brilliant ways to express your feelings in a positive form.
Second, the writer's direction. Just summing up what I said before with ways to express yourself. But with writing you can talk through it. Writing an angry letter and not sending it seems to work, only remember to not send it on accident. Or through places like this where you can let your anger out expressively and getting people who are going through the same things to respond and take notice.
If the fear makes you cry, cry. But don't let the get the best of you. They want you to fear them so they can have control. Fear is a very controllable emotion. If you are a very emotional person, fear can be distributed and controlled. When they say 'people smell fear,' they mean it. If you fear something with your life, then it will show without notice. But you must learn to control your own fear.
Learning to control your fear isn't easy at first, and it's sometimes pretty scary. But all you need to do is find a place to store all your emotions that aren't in your own bottle. Try art or songwriting, those are the ones that will never let you down.
With that, don't look down and live alive.

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