Monday, August 1, 2011

Starting From Scratch

Finding your song wobbles between easy and hard, depending on the song you want that will make you remembered. But no matter which song you choose, you'll ultimately have to start from scratch. Don't just jump into getting the whole song done in an hour. Put some time and thought into it. Make two or three demos of the song to make sure you're getting the parts right. And have some high expectations about your song, even thought it'll be under the radar for a good amount of time. And in the meantime, show it to your friends, family, or anyone who actually wants to listen to it, get their feedback about it, and work on the criticisms. Your first song won't be the next big thing, not all hits are the first song that comes out into the world.
If that first song isn't a success, don't down yourself. Work on the music. Great bands always have songs that have never made it out into the world. And if that's the way it's gonna be, then let it be. I personally am working on new music of my own, but am having trouble like all great music icons have.
But I'm starting from scratch both in the technical and the personal points of finding my one song. The songs I have recorded are turning out really well. Most are just me punching it on the songs.
Punching it, for the people who don't know, is basically forcing a chord and writing what comes out of my mouth. I used to do this for practice, write a song in ten minutes to exercise that part of the brain that thinks quickly. But even punching it is hard to do when you try to mix instruments in the same part of the song. I advise to try to make songs just acousticly first. Don't go and make a full studio song if it's never gonna get out there. Plus acoustic lets you practice your singing, getting it to that area that makes you sound great. 
If you feel like you're giving up on your song, take a break. Come back to it with fresh eyes and look at it completely different so you get your audience's view of the song. Vacations or camps are the best ways just to take a break from songwriting, but hanging out with your friends works just has well.
With that, don't get too caught up in finding your song that you forget your life. Start from scratch so you don't go back to what went wrong. And most of all, KEEP POSITIVE! I've seen too many people think that their life is worthless, so keep that mellow attitude about yourself. Mellowness in your life creates mellow music that will keep you a mellow fellow for years to come.

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