Monday, August 15, 2011

You Are Not Alone

Everyone thinks that they are alone in the universe, that there is no love out there for them. They think they are too small or less important than the average human being. They wonder why their life has gotten to that point. Everyone has this sudden occurance at some point in their lives. It may consume you, or it may be that fleck upon your shoulder in the corner of your head.
But just know this, You Are Not Alone. There are many others, like you, who have gone through the same things. You may never meet them in your lifetime. They may be you in the 51st century, or the 17th century. But they have lived through the hardships that you have lived through. The heartbreak, the sadness, the anger, the apathy, and the hopelessness. Just because they have lived through a different generation doesn't mean they haven't lived through the same emotions that you have lived through. And, of course, there are those in your lifetime that are exactly like you. They may be half way across the world, but they know what it feels like to go through that particular point in time. 
You are not alone in this universe. There are countless others like you, scattered out there. You may know some, but will keep their feelings secret like you do. Just be open to the people you're close to, you never know who is going through the same thing.
Don't stay hopeless, let life take you by the hand and take you down the road to a happy life. There, you will meet the people just like you. Keep positive on finding the right song that others will talk about for ages to come. Don't let your song end with a bad note, make sure you live a brilliant life. If you have a bad note, make the song better with positive reinforcement. That way others will listen to your song and cheer of the life that was well lived, full of life and hope.
I'm getting closer to finding my song with each passing day. I find that I am not alone in the universe. I live by a word, a big and complicated word, but so sad. Alive. It's gets sad when it's over. But I will always live alive until the day that I die.
And with that, remember what I have said.
You Are Not Alone.

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