Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finding your song

Everyone has a different song to look for. How you achive it, how you know it. You never know what your song is until it hits you like screen door to the face. Once you find it you'll for sure be in a state of happiness and enlightenment. Achiving your song is always different for every person on this planet. It's like a path that has dozens of forks and you have to choose which path to take. No paths are bad unless you make it a bad path. Just take the experiences in your life and create the song that fits all the aspects of your life perfectly.
I am currently still trying to figure out my song, both figuratively and literally. In the past, I would search in the darkest of places to find inspiration and hope that I'll find that one song. Now, I'm look in the brighter times in my life, and it seems to help me both musicly and in life. I am no longer in apathy, though I may look like I am. I am happy to be living alive. I live by that one quote every minute of every day. Live Alive is my quote that will stick with me throughout my life. It will be with me until the day that I die.
At first, finding that song was difficult and hard to figure where I should start. But now, I found a tiny little thread of inspiration that I have grabbed hold of and I will never let go.
For you, you may have already found your song, close to finding it, or haven't started yet. I advise those who are close or haven't started to keep pulling on that thread and don't let go. You will feel better about yourself once you find your song. All you have to do is look deep into your heart and find some sound that will guide you to your song.
We all find ourselves lost while finding our song.  We all fall down and crash. We all find ourselves falling apart with no way to start back up again. We all fall into the darkness. I will admit I have been trapped in the darkness several times. And I keep saying to my self "Why on Earth am I still living here?" But then I live through some of the best moments of my life soon after and then I know why. I fell, but I learned to pick myself up. Now I'm up in the sky, so very high, with no plan of ever falling down ever again. And I hope that you feel the same way.