Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Room 539 (Original Short Story By: Cole Bothun)

Bakersville, Texas is a small, desert town about ninety miles south of Abilene. The town is a town almost stuck in time. The stores are all old-fashioned. The restaurants were over seventy years old, yet they looked like they just had their grand opening yesterday. There were rarely a new car that drove down the streets of the town trapped in time.
But this town holds a terrifying secret. The Winchester Hotel is said to be the most haunted hotel of all time. The townspeople say that before the building became the hotel, it was the home of the Chesterson family. Charles Chesterson was said to have massacred his family back in the late-1800s. Charles moved to Vermont to try to escape the scene. But eight years of living in guilt brought him to the breaking point. He was found with a shotgun wound to the head.
Now, in room 539, where the children's former bedroom was said to be haunted by the Chesterson family. Each carrying their own personalities. The son, for example, was the most evil. Victims of his attacks have had viscous wounds, and some of his victims even died from his attacks.
Ryan McCoy was always known as a well- known author. His stories captivated the world. His novels reached out to every genre available. He had it all. Until he made the mistake of making a stop in a small town outside of Abilene.
Ryan was on his way back from his parents' funeral in El Paso. His parents had both died of tuberculosis. He hadn't seen either of them in over three years. The last time he saw them alive, he got in a brutal fight with them. HE never wanted to see them ever again. His wish was granted.
Ryan was driving back to his home in Texarkana. He planned to drive straight on through the night so he could make it to his new book launch at the local bookstore. He was supposed to sign books and greet people, but this was before his plans were abruptly changed forever.
He passed construction in Abilene that detoured him south. He was planning to refuel at a gas station in downtown Abilene. But since he was detoured, he would have to refuel at the nearest gas station in Bakersville. He reached Bakersville at half-past nine o'clock in the morning on March 19. It was only the beginning of Spring and it was already scorching hot outside.
He got to the gas station to refuel. But he forgot his wallet in El Paso. He had no family, no wife, and no close friends to forward him some money. So he had to find some place to stay so he could get the people at the hotel where Ryan was staying to send him his wallet. The only hotel that he could find was this old hotel in downtown Bakersville. As he got to the hotel, he found a sign on the door that read, "The Winchester Hotel, The Best Hotel In Texas."
"They better be right when they say that," Ryan said as he walked up to the door.
As Ryan walked in, he could smell the fresh scent of freshly cut roses. He walked up to the receptionist, a beautiful young lady with long dirty blonde hair. Seeing her made him wonder why such a gorgeous girl was living in a small, forgotten, desert town.
"Hello, welcome to the Winchester Hotel!" she exclaimed.
"Hi, I don't have any money on me, so can I check into a room and call a friend who can send me my money?" he said.
"Surely, we have one room available, Room 539. But I should warn you that that particular room is known for being haunted."
"Brilliant," Ryan said under his breath.
"What was that?"
"Nothing, I'll take the room."
"Great, here's your key. My name's Abigail if you need anything."
"Thank you Abigail."
Ryan took the key and went back to the gas station to grab his things. When he got to his room, he felt like someone was watching him. Something in the shadows. Ryan started to feel chills running up his spine. His mind was telling hi to leave this place and never come back.
He found the phone and immediately called the hotel he was staying at in El Paso.
"Yes, we found in this morning. Give me the address ad we'll have it there either this afternoon or early tomorrow morning," the man on the phone said.
"I am staying in the Winchester Hotel, Room 539."
Ryan hung up the phone and sighed. One day, the soonest, Ryan thought to himself. All of a sudden he heard a knock on the door. It gradually got louder and was as if someone was drumming on the door. Ryan sprinted  to the door and opened it, but there was no one there. Room 539 was one of only five doors in the hallway. The doors were so far apart that you would have to be invisible to get to another door by the time he got to the door. The ding-dong ditch was too quick to be pulled off by the living.
But before Ryan closed the door, he heard the knocking again. He looked on both sides of the door while the knocking was going on. It was impossible. No living soul could do that from any angle.
Paranoia and fear started to run into his bloodstream from every angle. He grabbed his laptop from is bag and headed towards the lobby, looking behind his back every step. He found a chair and started researching paranormal events in room 539. He found police reports of dead bodies that were torn apart and were unrecognizable.
"Hey, Abigail, what happened in Room 539?" he asked her.
Abigail told told Ryan the story of the Massacre of the Chesterson family.
"The son died first, then the mother, then the daughter last. The hauntings are said to go opposite of what happened that night. It will start with the daughter first being playful to the guests, knocking on the doors or playing with the lights. Then the mother, she stars to trash up the room and throws objects at the guests, who are claimed to be the father coming to kill them. Then, if you're still brave enough to stay, is the son. No one knows much about his haunting, but none are light-hearted. He won't show any kindness towards any guest that stays in the room."
So, every night, if you stay in that room. You have the possibility of being killed?"
"Every night, if you're brave enough."
Ryan's paranoia heightened even further than before.
"How do you know so much about this? You look like you only started this job yesterday."
"I've been here a fair while to know what goes on in this hotel."
He  started back to his room. He couldn't leave until he had his wallet. So he had to endure whatever danger he faced from the son of the Chesterson family.
That night, at nine o'clock from Ryan's research, the hauntings began. At first it was just a low-pitched buzz in his ear. The lamps in his rooms started to flicker on and off at times. Just a few moments later he heard the same knocking before. Only this time it abruptly started, not like before where it gradually got louder and rougher.
"That's the daughter, now on to the mother," he said frighteningly.
It was an hour and a half later is when he saw her. The mother was dressed in a long dress and had her hair up. She saw Ryan before he saw her and her face turned into a demonic face that roared and snarled like a lion. It threw chairs, smashed the walls, and blew u the lamps. In the gleam from the window Ryan saw the mother he had seen moment before. Only now she laid there dead, and faded away.
"All that's left is the son."
In that moment, the lights turned back on, just to be exploded off. A shadowy figure stood in front of the window. Ryan knew at once who it was.
"Are you here to kill me?" The figure asked.
"No," Ryan said," I'm just here to-"
The son rushed right up to Ryan's face. His face was nothing more than a skull with farmers hat on his head.
"I have seen your life and it is pathetic!"
"How do you-"
"I know your fears, and it is me!"
"Can I just-"
"Now you face me. So if you want to kill me, kill me!"
The son grabbed Ryan and threw him against the wall by Ryan's neck. The son dragged Ryan up the wall to the roof, and across the room. As Ryan drew his last breath, he took out a cross and held it toward the phantom.
"HA! You think that will save you?"
Ryan had no strength to scream or move. He just sat there, dead and alone, at the foot of the ghost. The scratch marks on Ryan's neck were so deep you could see the white of Ryan's neck-bone.
The next day, the mail truck came to the Winchester Hotel. The mailman gave Abigail the package that was addressed to Ryan McCoy. She went up to Room 539 to find it empty. She opened the closet door to find Ryan's body disfigured and shoved into the cramped space.
She smiled and closed the door. She opened it again to find the body not there. She smiled again one last time as she changed form. The sweet, beautiful girl turned out to form into the son, with his skull and hat. He smiled as he faded away along with Ryan's package.