Saturday, January 7, 2012

Making My Way In My Way Of Getting There

Greetings peoples! And may I say happy new year to you all! It's been a while since I put something in here, but in that time I remembered something:
People say I'm good at playing guitar. But when they ask if I ever took lessons, I respond with a simple "no." Now I know I'm not the best guitarist out there, but I'm happy with how I play. People seem impressed on how I play and how I got there, but it has never crossed my mind. I don't know how to play a G#/E# whatever chord, and that's okay. I prefer to not get confused with the names of chords. I just play what sounds good to my ear.
The same goes for when I learn a song by say Secondhand Serenade, Foo Fighters, or Van Halen. I find the chords or note that sounds like what I hear in the song. And if it doesn't sound right, then I'll mess around with that certain chord to make it sound right. Sometimes I'll look up how the artist will play the particular song live so I get the sense for how it the chord should sound or look. I enjoy stumbling onto songs when I'm just messing around with chords or notes on my guitar.
There are two types of guitarists when you get rid of genre: The ones who took lessons and the ones who didn't. There are some that took years of lessons and became successful in their way of making music or scores. But there are the few (like me) who never took lessons and are making their way happily. Either way is fine, and no one is the same at playing any instrument.
And the lack of lessons gives me an open eye on how to make a song. I don't have the boundaries that some might have. Though I do get a writer's block when it comes to song writing. But when I get the inspiration for a song, my whole day is wasted on trying to take that chord or chord progression in my mind into an actual song.
But so far, I'm one step closer to finding the one song that I'll be remembered for. All will need is that extra push to find it. And the same goes to you, too.

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